Administration & Finance

  • Recruits and manages human  resources
  • Arranges funds
  • Renovates building
  • Arranges equipments/furniture 
  • Negotiates with donors/stakeholder
  • Maintains Academy’s assets

The Academic Wing

Training Methodology

  • Curriculum Development
  • Training Need Assessment
  • Identification of Gaps
  • Preparation of Training Manuals & Modules
  • Rolling out training programs
  • Evaluation
    • Level 1
    • Level 2
    • Level 3

Training: Judges/Staff

  • Pre-Service Training for Probationers Civil Judges
  • Pre-Service Training for Probationres Additional District & Session Judges
  • Case & Court Management
  • Procedural & Substantive Laws
  • Case/ Court Management Staff
  • Judgment Writing
  • Mediation, Judges/lawyers
  • Human Rights (ToT)

Training: other stakeholders

  • FATA Political Administration
  • Judicial Capacity Building
  • Information Commission
  • Curriculum / Training in the pipeline
  • Prosecution
  • Lawyers
  • Court Reporters (Journalists)
  • Executive Officers
  • Services Laws
  • Police Investigators
  • Parliamentarians
  • Probation Officers
  • Revenue Officers
  • Wildlife Department

Research Wing

One of the aims and objects of the KPJA is to provide judicial education and conduct research in the field of law and judicial studies.

The overall goals of the wings:

  • To provide a global platform for multidisciplinary research and advocacy,
  • To promote research-led judicial education,
  • To ensure human resource development for the rule of law, and
  • To encourage a research culture

To further these, the academy has undertaken the following research studies:

1.      Strengthening application of Bail Provisions for children in conflict with law.

2.      Bench Book/ Ready Reckoner for Judicial Officers

Information Technology

ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) department of KPJA is responsible for strategic planning, oversight, and direction of the KPJA IT infrastructure, resources, and services. ICT Department provides critical technology support to all departments of KPJA, Administration, Academics, Research Wing, Finance and Radio Meezan. ICT Department partners with the KPJA community to enable innovation, learning, discovery, and service.

ICT Department responsibilities include:

  • Working with academic, research, and administration departments to evaluate IT requirements, capabilities, and requests
  • Managing KPJA IT infrastructure and services, including administrative systems and information management, networking, telecommunications, data centers, information security and privacy, academic and collaborative applications, computing infrastructure, IT services and strategic sourcing, accessible technology, customer service, and technology business continuity
  • Working with the Director General and Director Administration and committees to determine IT strategies, policies, priorities, and resource allocations throughout the academy.
  • Representing KPJA IT interests at the state, national and international levels.
  • Maintaining Web presence, email communication and online collaboration and E-Libraries.
  • Development and maintenance of Databases and Management Information Systems
  • Providing support to trainees, researchers and staff accessing online resources.
  • Providing support for hardware/software troubleshooting and ensure smooth running of all IT equipment installed in academy.

The ICT Department developed and maintaining the following

  • Websites of the Academy (
  • Website of Radio Meezan FM 96.6 (
  • Management of Google Apps (Email, Documents, Forms, Chat etc)
  • Managment of Network and Workstations
  • Managment of Firewalls
  • Payroll System
  • Library Information System
  • Assets Tracking System
  • Biometric Attendance System
  • File Tracking System
  • Training Information Management System (under-development)
  • Video Conferenicng System (PolyCom & Zoom)

Future Plans

  • E-Learning System
  • Knowledge Managment System

Radio Meezan

Establishment of Radio FM Channel at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy will serve the following specific purposes:

  • Awareness --- About fundamental human rights, rights of children and minorities, violence against women and weaker segments of society, remedies, legal and judicial forum for redressal of grievances and the services the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy will be providing.
  • Education --- Particularly, distant learning; the views expressed by renowned legal and judicial experts will be helpful for all those associated with justice services delivery.
  • Feedback—Audience/viewers may also provide feedback to the concerned justice sector departments and the performance of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy.
  •  Success stories'—information sharing will provide a forum for sharing of the best practices of the concerned departments.
  • Grievance cell—the audience may register their grievances, which may be passed on to the concerned department for their redress.
  • Legal aid—those in need of legal help may make effective use of the proposed FM Radio.
  • Online legal advice—by renowned lawyers—audience may discuss their legal disputes and seek legal advice for their resolution With the passage of time the academy shall have a liaison with the prisons authorities and after obtaining information about different categories of prisoners, extensive programs would be aired through FM Radio for their reformation to enable them to become useful citizens.
  • Transmission: 7 hours
  • Key purposes:
    1. Information (News & Reports)
    2. Education (Actuality Lectures)
    3. Awareness (Constitution, Procedures, Traffic Laws, Consumer Rights, Family Laws, Inheritance, Labor & other laws focus on rights and duties) right to vote
    4. Sensitization (Fundamental and Human Rights, Rights of Children, Women, Right to Vote & Importance and against traditions like Swara & Wanni etc)
    5. Advice (Experts give advise in response to phone calls)
    6. Window to Human Rights Directorate, PHC
    7. Drama (Focus on social issues relating violation of fundamental and human rights)
    8. Public Service Announcements & Messages
    9. Special Transmission on National & International Days

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