Mission & Objectives


Our mission is to change the attitude of young law graduates as judges and to inculcate in them patience, sobriety, confidence, discipline and skill of high quality legal reasoning; to develop their capacity; to enable them to create harmony among all justice sector institutions; to sensitize them to the rights of all litigant public, notably, of the vulnerable communities; and to make them leaders to contribute to the rule of law.


  • To train Judges & personnel concerned with other justice system institutions, to develop their capacity, professional competence and ethical standards for efficient dispensation of justice.
  • To sensitize judges and all other justice sector personnel to their duty of efficient delivery of justice services to the citizens, notably, the vulnerable communities that will ultimately contribute to the rule of law.
  • To develop syllabus for the Academy that suits to existing and anticipated objectives of the Academy.
  • To introduce judicial studies a major subject in view of the emerging requirements in and around the KP.
  • To create an institutional home to promote justice.
  • To develop linkages—inland and abroad, with other academies and policy institutions
  • To promote debate & dialogue on causes of disputes
  • To commemorate judicial heroes, who laid their lives for justice and peace
  • To engage with communities at the grassroots levels for promotion of justice
  • To develop a think tank within the Academy—former Judges, lawyers, law teachers, progressive religious scholars, civil society, to promote, support and catalyze justice in strife stricken areas of the KP
  • To raise and generate fund for its activities To help eliminate delay in disposal of cases
  • To make justice truly affordable & quick To help push justice on wheel (Mobile Courts) To establish e-library
  • To create distance learning system: awareness & education (FM Radio & TV channel)

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