Research & Publication Wing

To All Trainees and participants



The Academy has a statutory mandate:

[T]o initiate, promote and encourage research, publication of books, research papers and reports on important topics relating to administration of justice (S. 4 (d), KP Judicial Academy Act, 2012).

A Research & Publication (R&P) Wing has been working in the Academy since 2013. As per the relevant Rules, a Research & Publication Committee is also being constituted, which will be activated soon (KPJA Staff Terms & Conditions Rules, 2012).

The R&P Wing, among others, is to train participants by presenting at conferences, workshops, and publishing papers. The R&P Wing informs that it will assist, if and when required, the participants and trainees (including judges of the District Judiciary and lawyers) in preparing presentations for various workshops, seminars and conferences. The R&P Wing will also provide them assistance in writing of research articles and in its publication in the reputed HEC approved research journals subject to the approval of the Research & Publication Committee. Those interested are requested to keep a close liaison with the Wing, right from selection of topic till its final step. The R&P Wing shall play its supervisory role.  The cost of the process, if any, shall be borne by the authors. Phone numbers and Email addresses are available on the KPJA official website. Please also note cell no, 03005740081 for necessary calls and urgent messages. The judges of the District Judiciary are also being informed through the Registrar, Peshawar High Court.

 Issued with the Approval of the Director General Academy


  Dr Qazi Ataullah,

  Director R&P


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