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'War on Terror' and Rights-Based Approach to Development

Dr. Khurshid Iqbal

Re-Conceptualising the Right to Development in Islamic Law

Dr. Khurshid Iqbal
3 Tracing the concpet of ADR in Shariah and Law; A comparative Study, Published in Hamdard Islamicus, Vol. XXXIX, No. 3, Hamdard Foundation, Pakistan (HEC approved Journal) Dr. Qazi Attaullah Link to Article
4 What Goes Wrong with the Meaning, Legislation, and Functioning of Mediation in Pakistan? (Pointation and solutions) (Published in Pakistan Vision, Vol 18, Issue No. 2, December 2017, (HEC approved Journal) Dr. Qazi Attaullah Link to Article
5 The Role of Informal Agricultural Finance in the Development of Local Farming in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan): A Critical Analysis, PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES [PJSS, Vol. 37, No. 2 (2017), pp.420-434, (HEC approved Journal)], Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan Dr. Qazi Attaullah Link to Article
6 Arbitration; Legislation, Scope, and Functioning in Pakistani Legal System [A pragmatic Approach in Law and Sharī‘ah, [Published in Al-Idah 36 June, 2018 (HEC approved Journal) Shaykh Zayed Islamic Center - University Of Peshawar] Dr. Qazi Attaullah Link to Article
7 The Concept of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) & it’s Evolution in the Legal Systems of the World and Shariah: A Historical Analysis, [Published in Journal of Islamic Research (HEC approved Journal), Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan] Dr. Qazi Attaullah Link to Article
8 TRACING THE CONCEPT OF NEGOTIATION IN LAW, PAKISTANI LEGAL SYSTEM AND SHARĪ‘AH (ISLAMIC LAW) (A Comparative Study), (Published in Jihāt al-Islām Vol.11 (July – December 2017) No.1, Punjab University, Lahore) Dr. Qazi Attaullah Link to Article

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