Evaluation & Assessment


  • Formal TNA was conducted in 2012, and informal TNAs carried out from time to time.
  • Evaluation of Courses
  • Evaluation of Overall curriculum
  • Evaluation of Participant’s learning's
  • Evaluation of Lecturers/teachers

Mode of Evaluation/ Assessment

The Academy is vigorously pursuing indigenously developed AMS which is now  upgraded to Kirk-Patrick Model with the assistance of consultant. The detail presentation of the model  follows.

The Evaluation Process

  1. Conduct a Needs Analysis
  2.  Develop Measurable Learning Outcomes
  3. Develop Outcome Measures
  4. Choose an Evaluation Strategy
  5. Plan and Execute the Evaluation

Online Evaluation System

The Academy has developed a comprehensive Web-Based Evaluation System based on International Standard practices of evaluation & assessment for the efective training. The System has the following features

  • Participants Profiles including training history
  • Resource persons profiles
  • Pre-Training Evaluation
  • Post-Training Evaluation
  • Individual Resource Person Evaluation
  • Overall training assessment
  • Behavioral Change Impact Survey
  • Reports including Graphs

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