KP Judicial Academy actively participated in International Judicial Conference in Qatar Dated 28-29 Sept, 2014

      The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judicial Academy actively participated in a 2-day international Conference on Development of Justice Institutions and Judicial Education, held at Doha, Qatar.
 The Conference held on 28-29 September, 2014, at the Qatar’s Rule of Law Centre. It was organized by the United Nations Development Program, in collaboration with the KP Judicial Academy, the Qatar Rule of law and Anti-Corruption Centre and the Palestinian Judicial Institute.
The conference was captioned as: Judicial Education’s Challenges and Opportunities—the Way Forward through Comparative Experiences from Pakistan, Palestine and Qatar.
The Peshawar High Court nominated Judicial Officers, participated in the Conference were  Mr. Hayat Ali Shah, Director General, KP Judicial Academy, Dr Khurshid Iqbal, Dean of Faculty, KP Judicial Academy, Mr. Qalandar Ali Khan, District & Sessions Judge/Chairman, KP Service Tribubal and Mr. Muhammad Azim Khan Afridi, District & Sessions Judge, Haripur. Similarly a three-member UNDP team was also participated in the said Conference, they were Miss Shahzia, Rule of Law Specialist, Qazi Jamil-ur-Rehman, National Training Specialist, and Mr. Ashraf Khan.
The Objectives of the Conference were to Call attention to the importance of judicial educationamong senior echelons of judicial policymaking and practice in participating countries; Identify key challenges in the way of establishing effective, efficient and institutionalized judicial education systems in participating countries and posit innovative solutions; Discuss key measures required at the national and international levels to promote and strengthen judicial education and secure formal commitments by participating institutions to contribute toward their implementation; and Provide ongoing opportunities for sharing learning experiences, cross-fertilizing ideas, exchanging solutions, and pursuing education for judicial officers across the participating countries. Moreover the Themes of the event were  Judicial Education: Philosophy and Rationale, Design of Judicial Education and Structure of Judicial Education and its Implementation Environment
In a multimedia presentation, Dr Khurshid Iqbal, Dean of Faculty, spoke on the theme. The focus of Dr Khurshid Iqbal was on mainstreaming judicial ethics in judicial education. Dr Khurshid Iqbal had also prepared a small draft research paper. The DG of the Academy shared the experiences of the KP Judicial Academy through a multimedia presentation. Mr. Muhammad Azim Khan


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